Black-Eyed Children

Black-eyed children (or Black-eyed kids) is an urban legend about strange kids with eyes that are completely black who accost people late at night and demand help. Some people believe they are evil creatures in disguise and others believe they are aliens.

Black-Eyed Children

The urban legend began in 1996 when a man named Brian Bethel from Abeleine, Texas claimed he had an encounter with two very strange children.

One night, he was getting into his car, which was parked outside a movie theater, when two young boys approached and knocked on his window. The man rolled down his window, but he got the strangest feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

“Hey, mister, we have a problem,” said the older boy in a calm voice. “You see, my friend and I want to see the films, but we forgot our money. We need to go to our house to get it. Want to help us out?”

There was something about the two pale boys that scared the man and he hesitated.

“C’mon, mister. Let us in. We can’t get in your car until you do, you know,” the boy said soothingly. “Just let us in, and we’ll be gone before you know it. We’ll go to our mother’s house.”

For the first time, the man noticed their eyes. They were as black as coal. There was no pupil and no iris. Just two completely black eyes.

As if sensing the man’s unease, they boy said, “Cmon, mister. We won’t hurt you. You have to LET US IN. We don’t have a gun…”

The man was frightened and threw the car into reverse.


The man drove off, but when he looked back, he saw that the boys were gone and the sidewalk outside the movie theater was deserted.

The story was originally posted on a website called “Obiwan’s UFO-Free Paranormal Page” and ever since then, people have been reporting encounters with similar black-eyed children.

All of the encounters seem to take place at night, when the person is alone in their home or in their car. The children’s faces are usually partially obscured by hoodies or hats and the people report a strange sense of unease or forboding. When the people notice their black eyes, the children become insistant and aggressive and when they can’t get into the house or car, they mysteriously disappear.


  1. jenn3985 says

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  2. Active Peach says

    Black eyed boy: Let us in!
    Me: ok
    Black eyed children: *gets in*
    Me: ok where to
    Them: do you have a moment to talk about pineapples on pizza *black eyes shining evily*
    Me: hol up what do you mean (nervous)
    Them: *whips out a pizza box WITH PINEAPPLE TOPPINGS

  3. DiabeticABCs says

    I have REAL black eyes (No contacts), so is anyone gonna let me in their home? Trust me, I promise not to steal anything from your fridge.

  4. Dobbyisfree says

    I first heard of this from CARTOONS. Yes, that’s right. “Adventure Time” did an episode on this, but they were ‘Blank-Eyed-Girls’ They didn’t follow ‘Vampire rules’, though. And is anyone else thinking, “WIGHTS WITH BLACK EYES INSTEAD OF WHITE!”? haha, i’m soooo obsessed.


    They are not human for sure. No pupil how come is that possible? My first eye based scary story.

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