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Bite Marks

The Bite Marks is a scary urban legend from the Philippines about a policeman who comes in contact with a disoriented young woman.

Bite Marks

In May 1951, a strange incident is said to have taken place in the city of Manila in the Philippines. One night, a police officer was on patrol when he came across an 18-year-old girl stumbling through the back streets. She was clothed in a flimsy dress and seemed to be talking to herself. He overheard her saying, “Help me! Help me! Someone is biting me!”

The police officer suspected that she was high on drugs and suffering from hallucinations, so he arrested her and brought her down to the police station. However, when he took off her handcuffs at the station and tried to take her fingerprints, the girl suddenly started screaming.

“He’s here! He’s here! Help me! He’s chasing me!” she cried, before collapsing to the floor.

As the policeman bent down to help her up, he saw something that horrified him. Right before his very eyes, fresh bite marks began to appear on the girl’s shoulders and arms. The wounds were deep and started bleeding. The police officer couldn’t believe what he was seeing and immediately contacted the chief of police.

His boss was furious about being disturbed in the middle of the night. He got out of bed and came down to the station to see what was wrong. At first, he thought the girl must have made the marks herself, but when he examined her more closely, he realized that the bite marks were in places she couldn’t possibly reach.

“You can’t chew on your own back,” he muttered, scratching his head.

They decided to keep the girl in the police station overnight and locked her in a cell. During the night, a police officer was task of watching over her and making sure she didn’t hurt herself while in police custody. As dawn arrived, the girl was sleeping peacefully, so the policeman decided to take a break for a cup of coffee.

Just as he was pouring himself a cup, he heard the girl screaming again.

“He’s back! HE’S BAAAACK!”

Her cries were blood-curdling and the police officer was so surprised that he dropped his coffee. The cup smashed on the floor and he struggled to find his keys in his pocket. As he listened to the terrifying shrieks coming from the direction of the cells, he was sure that the girl was in fear for her life.

By the time the police officer managed to unlock the door to the cells, the screaming had stopped. He found the girl lying on the floor of her cell in a pool of blood. Her throat had been torn out and there were bite marks all over the back of her neck.

The police chief came arrived at the station with the coroner and both men examined the girl’s corpse. Neither of them could explain how she had been murdered while locked in an empty cell. Every policeman in the station was trembling with fear.

According to the legend, the police covered up the strange incident and the girl’s death was listed as suicide. However, the true details of the case were recorded by the Manila police in a special, top secret, classified casebook under the heading “Unsolved Mystery No.108 – The Bite Marks”.


  • Yes because suicide is the most common thing to die from. Say an animal attacked her- that’s more believable anyway!

  • I wonder if she sold her soul to the dark side…. anyhow, it is creepy and gruesome, I mean, people are there by ur side, but they couldn’t help u in any way.

  • Stop saying first!!! If its not a real comment then the first real comment is first confusing right either way great story!

  • @Don’t take me seriously
    You forgot the holy water, silver, goofer dust, and the angel sigils

  • xXPhantomFangWolfXx,hahaha yea.Dont take me seriously,wow uv posted lots and lots of coments in this story.

  • I think its a demon crossed with a vampire. But some sources show demons can do extreme harm without being physically present (ghost form).

  • OMG when I read the last sentence that says “unsolved mystery no.108 the bite marks” I looked at the time and it said 1:08 pm

    sam and dean and cas are soooo yummmmmmmm <3
    anyone agree?
    it was an okay story i guess

  • This story is actually based off a true case that happened in the Phillipines back in the 70s. A girl was arrested by the cops for running outside late at night, scantily clad, covered in blood and screaming. In the jail, she started screaming that something was attacking her and before their very eyes the girl started getting bitten. The next day, at court, the girl started screaming that”lHe” was coming. The judge eventually ordered her back to the prison for her own safety as the jury watched as she was slapped, beaten, and bitten by an invisible entity before their eyes. It was an actual documented case in the Philappines that is really scary.

  • @reTARDS they could not help her coz they didnt know wat was bitting her.this is a creepy story i mean,she is bitten by somethin pple cannot see till death.OMG i preffer to die another way

  • However, something humane can kill me perty easily. Oh and I had not intended any puns.

  • Hey! Nothing supernatural can kill me! I aint joking! I carry an iron dagger coated with salt. I also can run like hell to our roof and jump off onto a pile of leaves! I am a know it all! Ha- Ha!

  • @Gidgey

  • I agree that it could be a hell hound especially if your talking about supernatural because the vamps from that show have the weird pointy teeth things not fangs

  • Okay.. LISTEN UP EVERYONE! So according to SFK this happened during 1951 (I didn’t exist by then) & i’m from the Philippines (I swear). I was born in 2001 and I don’t really think this is real. My grandparents never even told me about this so probably a rumor

  • Hi SFK I’m curious why don’t you link your website with Facebook I would love to see posts and updates on there!Just a ssuggestion I love your stories though so keep up the good work and if you decide to link it with a Facebook please let me know =)

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  • when i was younger i was scared of vampires i used to check all over the house before i went to bed now this brought back my fear imma go check my house again…even though there not real i still have nightmares every night cuz of them

  • @Dont take me seriously

    I hope you dont mean you compare pitbulls to hellhounds becayse the are the complete OPPOSITE!! They are loyal kind and loving dogs. I have one and she is so sweet.

  • Hell Hounds were never killed by the colt which can kill anything but the 5 legendary creatures in supernatural it is still not confirmed the weaknesses and there is no possible way it would leave without tearing apart the body so it must have been a vengeful spirit or or a hybrid of a werewolf and ghost

  • My theory is a hell hound. Ya know, big, vicious, demonic, pitbull like, invisible, supernatural. If you dont know, a hell hound comes to kill you and drag your soul to hell but only if you had made a deal with a demon and you gotta pay up. Like how Dean got chewed up like a puppy’s chew toy in Season 3.

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