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Big Man

The Big Man is a funny and spooky story for children about a young boy who has a frightening encounter in his bedroom.

Big Man

There was a young boy named Andrei who lived in a small village in Russia. He was a nervous child and was often afraid of one thing or another. He was quiet and spent most of his time listening to other people’s conversations.

In the village where he lived, he would often hear people talking about The Big Man. “Behave yourself or The Big Man will take you away,” he heard a mother say to her child. “Go to bed or The Big Man will come and get you,” said another parent. “Don’t go over there, that’s where the Big Man lives,” he overheard a father telling his daughter. Andrei began to wonder who this big man was and why kids needed to be afraid of him.

One dark night, as Andrei lay sleeping in bed, he heard his bedroom door slowly creak open. There, in the doorway, stood the shadowy figure of a man. He was over six feet tall and he had the ugliest face Andrei had ever seen.

The big man was tall and fat. He had a scar down the side of his face and one of his eyes was milky white. The big man silently walked over to Andrei’s bed and leaned down.

In a commanding tone, the big man said, “Get up!”

Andrei replied in a trembling voice, “I will not get up!”

“Get up or I’ll kill you!” the big man threatened.

Andrei got out of bed.

“Get dressed!” said the big man.

“I will not get dressed,” replied Andrei.

“Get dressed or I’ll kill you!”

Andrei got dressed.

“Now, come with me!” commanded the big man.

“I will not go with you!” said Andrei.

“Come with me or I’ll kill you!”

Andrei followed the big man down the stairs and out the front door. There was a large, black car parked outside. The big man grabbed Andrei by the scruff of the neck and tossed him into the back seat. Then he got in, started the engine and drove off.

They drove through the streets of the little village and out into the countryside. The black car hurtled down the little country roads until they were in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly, the big man pulled over to the side of the road and stopped.

Andrei looked out the window and saw that they had stopped outside a cemetery. The big man grabbed Andrei and bundled him out of the car. He dragged the frightened boy through the cemetery gates and down a narrow path until they came to a grave. The big man picked up a shovel and tossed it at Andrei’s feet.

“Dig up the grave!” he growled.

“I will not dig up the grave!” said Andrei.

“Dig up the grave or I’ll kill you!”

Andrei picked up the shovel and began digging. After almost an hour, he unearthed a coffin and stopped to regain his breath.

“Take out the dead body!” growled the big man.

“I will not!” said Andrei.

“Take it out or I’ll kill you!”

Andrei opened the coffin and lifted out the dead body. It was the corpse of an old man and his face was moldy and rotten. There were maggots crawling out of his mouth, nose and eye sockets.

“Now, eat it!” ordered the big man.

“I will not!” said Andrei.

“Eat it or I’ll kill you!”

Andrei shuddered and reluctantly began to eat the dead body. He started nibbling on the ear. Then, he bit into the cheek. The taste made him gag.

Suddenly, Andrei felt someone grabbing him by the shoulder and shaking him.

“Andrei, wake up,” said his mother. “That’s the third mattress you’ve eaten!”


  • Ha mattress? I thought the boy would find his own body and be like you threatendnto kill somebody already dead?

  • I think i need some new knickers now, but isn’t it a bit… strange to chew on mattress’ coz its kind hard and metal in places…THREE you need to see The Big Man LOL

  • @xXPhantomFangWolfXx
    How bout u call it “The Dead Undead”
    Haha. See wat I did therešŸ˜

  • LOL he dreamed and in his sleep he imagined he was eating an old man but it was actually just mattresses? AKWARD

  • Sherlock holmes….Doctor who….Supernatural….merlin…..
    by the way, Scary story. Sfk is the best scary story in the world!

  • Duh, don’t you get it guys? -___- In his dreams this creepy man tells him to do stuff and the matress is the dead body OBVYOWSLEEEH :PPP (Common senseeee)

  • XxPhantomfangwolfxX lol lymerics!!!

    There once was a man from kanass
    Whos ball were made of brass
    In stormy weather he’d clack them together and lighting shot out of his ass

  • He didn’t eat the matressess because he liked it or something like that, it was because of the dream he had had that night. Apparently he had that same dream a bunch of nights.

  • Lillia, I do not own the poem. It is, in fact, a rather old children’s rhyme. That and my throat has been bothering me. I MUST NEED MORE FANTA

  • Whoops. Sorry for the inconsistant spelling of “Sheryl.” My computer has weird autocorrect.

  • Fang now that you mention it I have heard it somewhere but it was such a long time that I totally forgot about it until now :D


  • big man: eat the corpse
    big man: die or eats it
    boy:fine om nom nom nom bleuggh
    mom: andrei wake up
    boy: but mooomm i waz eating a mattress

  • Hey guys and gals I’m depressed so here’s a story I’ll try to keep the violence to a minimum
    As I wake in the middle of the night the moon illuminating my room I get up to get some water as I walk in pitch dark u see something unusual as my eyes start to adjust I see two seemingly never blinking eyes and a wide smile to unearthly to be real as I move closer the figure rushed at me and as I try and run I feel a sharp pain in my heels as I keep running for my room the pain gets worse and worse as I finally make it to my room I lock my door and call the police my feet screaming in agony as I try and survive until the.police arrive a couple seconds go by and everything goes silent the a couple of minutes pass as I wait when the police arrive at my house someone opens the door and I pass out. When I wake up I’m in a white hall then a policeman comes and talkes to me hello he says hi I say we found you passed out in your house what happened he says I can’t remember I say please anything would help at this moment we need to find your attacker he says I really can’t remember anything I say ok he says then he.leaves minutes later another man really skinny and wearing a white hoodie.and black Jeans comes in so what happened to you he says I don’t know I say well me I was found on the streets dying so they helped me out hooked me up with some clothes.and food why we’re you on the street I say he stays silent and later he leaves I how strange I think then the police comes in and says if I have any questions I say who.was that man that a couple minutes ago no one.was assigned to come in but someone came in no he says ok I say and then I leave I see that man again on my way out he says watch out and I just stay where I stand frozen in fear as the sun sets I just walk home thinking about his words.and i.realized I never saw his face when I got home It was dark and creepy when I got inside I got into bed and soon dozed off when I woke up I was in a chair in my basement as I open my eyes I realized I’m actually in a chair in my basement I’m tied down with wire it hurts to move my arms as my vision clears I see a figure with a white hoodie and a black Jeans hahaha HA you finally woke up he says who are you I yell in hopes that someone will hear me aww cmon he says u don’t remember me here let me give you a clue as he takes off his hood I see his eyelids are nearly burned off his smile is cut in ear to ear now do you remember . You I say haha yep you got it now for some fun he takes out a knife and comes close to me . Stay away from me you freak I yell ah that word again freak brings back memories and not good ones ether. As he finishes that sentence he draws.the knife closer to my skin and slowly starts to cut at my skin so do you think I’m a freak now he yells ahhhhh I yell out in pain hahaha ah that beautiful yell of someone in pain is music to my ears as he keeps slashing at my arm I yell and as he reaches my bone he brings out another knife jagged point and very sharp as my bloob gushes from the wound he brings the knife and starts cutting my bone ahhh I yell hahaha yes yell yell out in pain no one can hear you as he keeps cutting he finally goes through the bone I threw up from the pain haha I gotta hand it to you your one tough kid cmon hi fi… Oh hahaha loving my pain he.picks up another knife and starts cutting. My leg even more painful then the last oh I almost forgot as he picks up something in a pot I realize that they’re needles he ok I’ve got a way to make this fun every time you yell a needle will go inside your wounds crying covered in vomit I say why not just kill me now he says WHAT you call me a freak and dare to tell me what to do and then he gets a needle and shoves it into my stump which used to be my hand and I passed out from the pain when I woke up my leg was cut of blood was all over the floor covered in vomit and the horrible smell of blood and vomit mixing then the pain fully kicks in AHHHHHH I yell ah your awake do you know how rude it is to sleep when you have company how dare you and shoves a needle into my back I ran out of needles when you we’re asleep so I’ve got a challenge if you can walk all the way to your room I’ll let you free then I just moan and fall on the ground in agonizing pain blood gushing out of my wounds I start to crawl and I realize my back was cut open and my spine was sticking out aww can’t go any further that’s what happens to people who called me a freak you don’t deserve to live and with that said he died this would have been his story If he lived remember words that hurt always hurt back that’s the moral of this story kids don’t bully other people or I might just pay you a visit now just GO TO SLEEP and I hope you have some good nightmares for me to haunt.
    So what do you guys think my.first story I actually wrote please give feedback I wanna know what u guys think so I can ether keep writing or stop thnx
    Nightmare night

  • Mattes can you even eat them meh in Spongebob they have a fire underwater my argument is invalid

  • Haha yeah, the lady ate her first couch when she was like, 19!!! and after they filmed her for the show, she started eating the stuff inside her BRA!!!

  • I have a Story…. -Always Check In-

    Its 9:30 p.m, And my parents just went out to dinner and to see a movie. So im home alone, watching t.v, My favorite Show, Spongebob, And i fall asleep 20 minutes into it, when i look at the clock, it says 10:15 P.M and my parents still arent home, which is normal because movies are more than an hour long, so i decide not to fret.. I get up and im feeling really hungry, so i make a sandwich, peanut butter and jelly to be exact, and it was good, just poured me some milk, sat and ate. I go on a website, to read the latest teen trends when i see two shadows outside my house, it freaked me out. So i look outside, and its my mom and dad, and i say to myself ‘Heh, must have had some problems with dinner’ so i open the door and say hi to them both, but the wierd thing, is, they didnt say hi back, they didnt even look at me, they didnt say anyhting, They just sat on the couch staring at the pictures on the wall. I say, ‘Pft Whatever’ and i walk upstairs to my bed, i climb in and go to sleep, im thinking, wonder why my parents were so quiet at me, did i do something wrong? did something happen at dinner? oh well, i just brush it off and close my eyes, before i sleep i check the clock, its now 11:47 p.m and they are about to close when i see my dad walk in, i say hi, but there is no reply, then my cellphone rings, and it says “MOM” my eyes widened, i answer and say ‘H..Hello?’ and the voice says, ‘Honey, dont worry the movie wasnt all that great me and your father are on our way home right now, i love you’ I immidiatly drop the phone, and run. When i get to the Stairs i see my mom.. Or. The fake one atleast, and she walks towards me and my heart is racing, so i run to the bathroom and lock myself in, all of a sudden, the lights go off, and, i hear really, heavy breathing. I feel in front of me and it feels like a man, the voice says ‘Relax…Im your father’ i push it out of the way and i run to the door but its locked, I cant escape, I dont know what to do, God… Please help me…

    -Shortly After, The childs body was never seen, They found this diary in the bathroom, Where she was allegedly Belived to be when she.. Vanished. Police are still investigating the case of the Kidnapping, Or murder, Maybe shes out there. Maybe She escaped, Maybe shes still captive, Maybe shes still alive… No one knows, All i know is, Is that Always, Check in with your parents, It may be your last conversation of your life…

  • Well, I mean i saw a My strange addiction where a lady was addicted to eating couch cushions, her mattress and even her bra cushion!!!

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