Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Tales

Bedtime tales for sleepless nights. Read these short scary stories to your children just before they go to bed and they will never shut their eyes again. Perfect for inducing nightmares in kids and adults alike.

Bedtime Tales

Bedtime Tales 1 – Afraid Of The Dark

There was a young boy who was afraid of the dark. Every night, he would leave the lights on when he went to sleep. After a while his parents got tired of this and told him he would have to grow up. But the boy continued sleeping with the lights on. So, on their way to bed, his parents would come into his room while he was asleep and switch off the lights. This went on for months. One weekend, his went on holiday and they left him home alone for a whole week. That evening, he stayed up late watching a horror movie on TV, but the lights were on, so he didn’t get scared. He took out a book and read a scary story in bed, but the lights were on, so he didn’t get scared. He went to sleep that night with the lights on and he didn’t get scared. But, in the middle of the night, he woke up to find that someone had switched off the lights. That’s when he got scared.

Bedtime Tales 2 – The History Of The House

This family moved into an old house that had been vacant for a few years. After they had been living in the house for a few weeks, they began to smell some strange odour in one of the bedrooms. One night, when they were watching TV, they saw a documentary about a father who had murdered his 13-year-old step-daughter, chopped her into pieces and hidden her body parts in the walls of his house. At the end of the documentary, it showed the address of the “murder” house. It was the house they had moved into. The creepiest thing is that the police found all of the girl’s body parts,except for her head.

Bedtime Tales 3 – Calling Her Name

One night, a young girl was lying in bed, just on the verge of falling asleep, when she heard her mother calling her name from the kitchen. She went downstairs to see what her mother wanted, but as she was passing by the cupboard under the stairs, the door opened and a hand reached out and dragged her in. It was her mother, hiding in the cupboard. “Dont go into the kitchen,” whispered her mother. “I heard it calling my name too.”

Bedtime Tales 4 – The Family Next Door

We live in the house next door to you. We seem like a normal family. During the day, we go to work, we go to school, we wave hello as we pass you in the street. But at night, when you go to bed, we lock our doors, we close our curtains, we peel off our skin and sit around in our shiny white bones.

Bedtime Tales 5 – Sleep Alone

If you sleep alone at night, you should never sleep in a double bed. If you do, you should never just sleep on one side of the double bed. As the legend goes, in the dark of night, while you are sleeping on one side of the double bed, you will sense the presence of something or someone creeping into your room. The first night this happens, the thing will just lie down on the floor next to your bed and you will hear deep breathing. The next night, it will lie down next to you on the bed. You will hear the deep breathing right next to your ear and feel its breath on your neck. If you allow this to continue for another night, you will be woken in the middle of the night and your bed will be shaking. Then the mattress will start bouncing up because the thing will start jumping up and down on your double bed. Whatever you do, don’t let it know you’re not asleep.


  • Lol the pic
    Creepy person under bed: ……. *grins evilly*
    Woman: *turns to face where the hand is*
    Creepy person under bed: * slides into bed with woman*

  • Solution for number 5: Just sleep in the middle of the bed, on a small pillow DUH!

  • 1st: IDIOT! Why would you watch horror movies if your scared of the dark?!

    2nd: Where I live it’s illegal not to tell people if the house their moving into had an event like THAT

    3rd: My fav! Read it in “Tales from B.H”

    4th: WHAT

    5th: I have a bunkbed…

  • 1 isn’t scary. 2 is stupid. 3 sounds kinda like the movie Caroline. 4 is just wow. and 5 I didn’t even continue reading it … :/

  • Story 1: That is the moment when you say “dun, dun, duuuun!”
    Story 2: Why would you put the adress of the house on TV?! Are they trying to get you killed?!
    Story 3: That was my fav one out of them!
    Story 4: Dafaq?!
    Story 5: LoL! Ghost rape!

  • i really dont have to worry about the last one because i have a twin size bed, and the monster would probably get annoyed with me because i kick and run in my SLEEP.

    (I did have nightmares but they had nothing to do with these stories, in the nightmares it would be the last day of school and i couldnt remember my locker combo and the buses left without me and i was locked in the school for the summer lol)

  • can someone explain the second story it ends wen they say they didnt find her head wat does this mean?

  • I dont have a double bed luckily, but if a monster tries to sneak up on me at night and im sleeping, I will probaly knock him out cuz I toss and turn ALOT! xD

  • I have a double bed. O.o and I always sleep right next to the wall leaving enough space for two more people. I’m sleeping spread out.

  • i sleep on 3 boxsprongs and 2 matreses. They are double. But the bed is i high, that the monster will hit his head multiple times. XD

  • I don’t have a problem with the last one. I already spread out when I sleep so I’m good. But what is a double bed? Is a double bed only a king or queen? Or do fulls and twins count too?

  • For Scary for kids. :)

    By : dead panda

    Candles lite all around my bed, I woke up and coldnt remeber a think for last night. All I remeber is that I was partying hard. The girl from last night left also.I glanced at my clock and it said 4:09 pm. I blew out the candles and walked to the door. I was already late for work. I threw on my coat and headed out. As I walked out I noticed that no one was in the hotel hallway. I walked passed the room where there was troubled woman and her baby. The wooman tryed her best to calm it but nothing worked. They were really loud. But today…. nothing. I walked to the lobey of the hotel and no one was there. In shock, i kept walking to the exit. When I opened the door and walked outside, my deepest horror came out of my mouth. Everything was quiet. NO ONE walked the street, drove their cars, danced to music. everyone was gone. I raced to my job and it was dead quiet. no one was there. I went home and made calls to my friends bt they never picked p. night finally came, i was finishing my paper work for my job. I had to take my mind off it. But then, I heard laughter. I was so happy to hear someone. “HELLO!?”

    Giggle giggle



    I looked around my room. I had a light on. the rest was dark. bt something abot the dark wasnt right.

    Come play with us.

    A demon like voice said. it came from the corner… in the dark. I was in the light still so all I cold see was a girl…



    I grabbed my flash light and shinned it on her.

    To my surprise she screamed and disapperd. The darkness was mad.

    I put the flashlight around my neck and ran out my room. to the hotel office. I turned on all the lights and locked the door.

    “Let us in!!!!! LET US IN!!! LET US IN!!! LETS US IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN!!!”

    It was going crazy! kicking and scratching the door. I saw a video and played it. There was a man.

    “If you see this… then… haha in dead. the darkness… it…. it is eating people. it’s only weakness is the light. Flashlights, lightbulbs, even candles…. The first time it happened to me… I heard my brother in the dark. He was dead 16 years ago. They pretendt to be someone. Just to get you. Eat you. DONT GO INTO THE DARKNESS! DONT!—-” The mans flashlight went out… and the video stoppped there.
    I sat down in the corner and laughed insanly. The darkness busted the door open and one by one killed the light in the room. only my flashlight was left. they were all around me. giggling.

    “Daddy…” My son said. He died before he was even born.

    I held my dying flashlight in my hand… watching the dark.


  • I don’t really understand ther third one- “Calling Her Name”. Why exactly is everyone else creeped out? I must be missing something….. o-o

  • yaaaaaaaaaaay i sleep on a bunk bed. my sis has the bottom and i have the top. good thing i dont have a double bed!

  • Woow…This stories are so scary… Calling he name and Sleep alone scared the life out of me… My imagination is really wide so I don’t think I’ll EVER sleep in a double bed… ;) I thought the 4th one was kinda funny…So they peel of their skin and what, just sit there?? xD

  • OMG these freaked me out sooooo bad! The only one that’s not creepy is the bones one, because I wouldn’t be surprised if my next door neighbors did that! xD
    Calling her name and sleep alone are the best ones

  • oh and ya guys know what i just noticed?? usually, when people are scared of bedtime stories, they curl up into a ball and wrap the covers all over them and wake up sweaty in the morning. but the story sleep alone will just make you spread wide across the bed!

  • Im gonna make a “fence” around my bed out of dirty socks and underwear. that’ll solve the problem of sleeping alone! XD in the morning i’ll probably find a dead monster by my bed, choked by a sock in his/her mouth. then im buying a single bed. :)

  • Sleep Alone is the best. i am 11 years old and way too old to be scared of these things anymore, but now im scared as SH*T!!!

  • Calling Her Name and Sleep Alone are the best ones. They literally made me put my blanket over my head.

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