Bedroom Light

The Bedroom Light is a scary urban legend that is sometimes known as “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?”

Bedroom Light

There were two girls who were the best of friends in school. When they went to college, they decided to live together and became roommates.

One night, they were staying up late, trying to do some last-minute studying for a midterm exam that was scheduled for the next morning.

One of the girls was quite lazy, so she decided to give up studying and went to bed early. The other girl was a hard worker, so she stayed up late because she wanted to do well in the exam.

During the night, the girl who stayed up remembered that she had left one of the books she needed in her bedroom. She didn’t want to wake her roommate by turning on the light so she sneaked into the bedroom and rummaged around in the dark, looking for the book she needed.

She heard some heavy breathing and she whispered her roommate’s name, asking her if she was awake.

There was no answer.

Then the girl heard something moving around in the dark and she whispered, “Can I turn on the bedroom light?”

There was no answer.

The girl cleared her throat and asked again, “Can I turn on the bedroom light? I need to find something.”

Her roommate didn’t respond.

So the girl sighed in frustration and continued to search for the book in the darkened bedroom. Eventually she found the one she was looking for. The girl took the book and felt her way in the darkness towards the door.

She stayed up all night studying and in the morning, raced down to the exam hall to take her test. But she noticed that her roommate never showed up for the exam.

The girl was worried about her friend so when she got home, she rushed upstairs and knocked on her roomate’s door.

There was no answer.

The girl was getting quite anxious at this point, so she opened the door and turned on the bedroom light. She was met with the most horrible sight she had ever laid eyes on.

Her roommate lay motionless, sprawled on top of her bed in a pool of blood. She had been brutally murdered.

Then the girl turned around and saw something that chilled her to the bone. Written on the wall behind her in smeared blood were the words “Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn On The Light?”


  1. michellegarciah says

    i read a similar story it is called oh sussanna and shes slow i mean come on how couldent she atleast smell the blood smh

  2. Kay,gonnahavenightmares Kitten :3 says

    (me grabs tiny bro,Science Fiction)

  3. sasarocks13 says

    This story is one of my favourites XD It’s not really scary but I love it…..XD I don’t know why LOL…..XD

  4. a ghost at most says

    Ah, I love this story! I’ve seen so many variations of it on so many different sources, but no matter how much it’s been changed and how much I have seen it be changed, I still adore it. There’s a variation of this in “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark,” and I believe it is called, “Oh, Susannah!” – I’ve got the entire treasury.

  5. ghosty says

    while reading this story i was listening to Avicii and wake me up came on and it goes perfect with with this story!!!

  6. raven72729 says

    Why didn’t the murderer murder her when she said should I turn on the light. I wanna tutor some kids and tell they this story so they will study

  7. quackofalltrades says

    Man in the version I heard, the girl who went out partying survived and the girl who stayed back in the room got murdered. Which version is true?

    Moral of the story. Get out of your room once in a while.

  8. superspooks29 says

    well i think the murderer should have been haunted by the friends ghost so it would have been revenge
    who would be brave enough to summon her ghost and tell her that???????????????????????
    hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol
    right fine i’ll do it
    i told u im a genius……. the ghost agreed with me

  9. XxVampGirlxX says

    I heard another version where there are 2 girls at college who share a room and one has a play so she will be there all night at the after party but the other one stays and studies and while she’s at the play the other girl gets murdered and when she comes back the light is off and the hears the rocking chair and her friend is singing the words of the song in her play so she gets mad and turns on the light and there is the killer which is creepy cuz that means he was stalking her and he knows the song so they both die D:

  10. I call myself demented says

    Aww. Her best friend just died right then. Now she has to find a new one. 😢

  11. pinkKaygana says

    i feel sorry for her friend. i mean, it’s not every day that an insane dude escapes from prison and kills you just for being a bit lazy….

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