Baseball in Heaven is a funny story about two brothers who wonder if they will still be able to play their favorite sport after they die. This story is based on an old joke and a version was included in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.


There were two twin brothers named Ricky and Bobby who enjoyed playing baseball. Ricky was always the pitcher and Bobby was always the secondbaseman.

One day, they were sitting on the couch when Ricky wondered aloud, “Do you think they play baseball in heaven?”

“I don’t know,” replied Bobby.

“Is there a way to find out,” asked Ricky.

“I have an idea,” replied Bobby. “How about if one of us ever dies, he has to come back and tell the other if there is baseball in heaven.”

“OK. It’s a deal,” Ricky agreed.

A few days later, Ricky was cycling down the road when he was hit by a car. He died on the way to hospital. Bobby went to the funeral and cried for days.

A week later, he was visited by the ghost of his dead brother.

“Have you come to tell me if they play baseball in heaven?” Bobby asked.

“Well, I have good news and bad news,” said Ricky. “The good news is that they do play baseball in heaven. The bad news is that you are scheduled to pitch tomorrow.”


  1. Dark_Destroyer says

    Wow…well that sucks…the boy is gonna die and the parents lose both of their sons…wonder how he dies.

  2. HorrorFanGirl says

    *Ricky* so erm yeah, you is gun dieee tmrw
    *Bobby* mk den i gun get knife i wan kill moysewf
    *Ricky* k urry up den
    *Bobby* actlly i is gun use baseball to hit moyswef on hed *Bobby hits self on hed den diesss
    *Ricky* nooooo!!! i mean yeasssssssssssss
    *Bobby* mk den lez play baseball in…. oh wait i is in hell
    *Ricky* oooh great you shud’ve prayed to lord cuz now we apart for eternity D:

    *I bet a 10 y/o is going to comment ‘omg you can’t spell’ ima stuff my hand through the screen and strangle you can’t take no sarcasm can you.

  3. Jarin Sanzana says

    LOL!!!!!!! Hilarious!

    Me:do they have basketball in heaven?
    teammate: kill me so my ghost can tell u
    * stabs teammate *
    ghost: they do!
    me: kill me now…
    ghost happily stabs me and we happily play up there……….

  4. Nini Noggin Head says

    lol. So basically he gets to play baseball but he dies the next day. First comments. :)

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