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Bad Mother

The Bad Mother is a strange and unsettling story about a woman who is extremely nasty to her children. This is another popular modern urban legend from Spain.

Bad Mother

The story of the bad mother which I am about to relate is not well-known, but it is still real. If you have a heart of steel, iron nerves and the soul of a sumo wrestler, sit down, make yourself comfortable and read this story. But if they are weak-minded or fear cruelty and blood, then you must not listen to my tale.

In a small town in Spain, many years ago, there was a woman named Rosa who lived in a hut. She raised four children with her husband, two sons and two daughters. Her eldest son was named Francisco. Javier was next, followed by Maria and the youngest, Lucia.

Those who knew Rosa said that she was a nice woman, but after the death of her husband, she slowly began to go insane. Little by little, she began to treat her children worse and worse. The young boys and girls were terrified of her, because whenever they did even the slightest thing wrong, Rosa would fly into a rage and hit them so hard that their cries could be heard echoing throughout the house. The neighbors were aware that Rosa was a bad mother, but they had no way of knowing just how bad she could become.

One night, the weather forecast on the radio predicted heavy hail, heavy snow and widespread thunderstorms. It was very cold and Rosa told her children to take the axes out of the woodshed because they were going into the forest to chop some firewood.

The children knew that their mother would get angry if they didn’t listen to her. Within minutes, they were waiting outside, armed with flashlights, bags and axes. They also brought some rotten meat with them in case they encountered a wild animal.

Once they had reached the middle of the forest, Rose took her son Francisco aside.

“Francis, you come with me”, she said. “The rest of you cockroaches, look around for wood.”

Without another word, Francisco grabbed his bag and followed his mother. When they were out of sight of the other children, the mother turned to him and said, “Francisco, hold out your bag and stand perfectly still.”

He held out the bag and his mother walked behind him.

“I hope you understand what I am about to do”, she said. “Your father was the only one working, and without his income, we are lost. In our house, there is one too many mouths to feed and I am starving. Sorry, but at the same time, no regrets…”

With that, his mother picked up the axe and swung it at her son’s head. It sliced cleanly through his neck and his severed head fell into the bag he was holding. Then Francisco’s body collapsed in a heap on the snow, still clutching the bag.

The mother used some snow to wash the blood off her axe and then ran back to her other children.

“Francis was eaten by a bear”, she said. “It’s not safe out her. We better go home.”

The poor children had no idea what their mother had done. They cried all the way home, mourning the loss of their older brother. They were unaware of what fate had in store for them.

At home, when the children were bathing and grooming themselves upstairs, Rosa called Javier and told him she needed help in the kitchen. Javier, always an obedient child, ran downstairs as fast as he could.

“Make me some tea, you little cockroach!” ordered Rosa.

When the tea was ready, she growled, “Bring me the bottle that is sitting on the top shelf of the cupboard.”

The boy did as he was told. Rosa poured the contents of the bottle into the tea and then handed it to Javier and told him to drink it.

Young Javier was not suspicious in the least. He took the cup his mother handed him and swallowed it in one gulp. He had no way of knowing that his evil mother had poisoned it with deadly cyanide.

A minute later, Javier crawled upstairs and collapsed in front of his siblings. He was foaming at the mouth and rolling around on the ground.

Lucia came running downstairs and cried, “Mommy! Mommy! Javi is having a cardiac arrest!”

Rosa calmly walked up the stairs and found Javier lying motionless on the floor of the bedroom. His crying sisters were standing over him. The mother gave his corpse a kick and told the girls that their brother was dead.

That night, Maria and Lucia cried themselves to sleep. Early the next morning, Rosa went into Maria’s bedroom and woke her sleeping daughter.

“No need to get up this morning”, she whispered. “You don’t have to do your chores today. Do you hear me, my pretty little cockroach?”

Maria nodded as Rosa sat down on the corner of her bed and began to sing her a lullaby. It was a song she used to sing when Maria was just a baby. The young girl welcomed this tenderness from her mother and soon closed her eyes.

Suddenly, Rosa took an icepick out of her sleeve and before Maria knew what was happening, she drove it into her daughter’s chest, piercing her heart. Maria died almost instantly.

A few hours later, Lucia woke up and went into her sister’s bedroom. She was horrified to find the bed soaked in blood and Maria lying dead in the middle. Terrified, Lucia ran downstairs.

“Mommy! Mommy!” she screamed. “A murderer broke into the house while we were sleeping and killed Mary!”

“I must confess one thing”, said her mother, calmly. “My daughters and my sons, I have both loved and hated. I was the one who killed your brothers and your sister. I did it all. I chopped off Francisco’s head. I poisoned Javier with cyanide. I pierced Mary’s heart with an icepick and now, I will strangle you slowly, so that you suffer more than your siblings. I hate you, you cockroach!”

“No, mother!”, cried Lucia. “Don’t do it!”

But her crazed mother didn’t listen and soon Lucia too lay dead on the floor.

Nobody knows what happened to Rosa. Perhaps she wandered out into the forest and died, or maybe she left town and changed her name. No trace was ever found of her. It is said that, today, the house in which they lived still stands and it is haunted by the ghosts of the children who were killed there. Local people say that if you go out into the forest and say “Francisco” five times, the ghost of a headless boy will appear behind you and chop off your head with an axe.


  • The story was pretty good and the mother was equally horrible but why every murder story has to end up with a haunting?? I mean come on, headless body won’t be able to see, then how will it chop off somebody else’s head?? The story was better without the haunting part… My view though…

  • Well she was insane guys, and…you should never involve crazy children with a stressed out mom whose husband just died.

  • How can you just KILL he children that you gave BIRTH to, and run away without being guilty? Rosa is a HORRIBLE MOTHER. O___O

  • What kind of mother kills her children’s’?
    Me:OMG WTF?
    MY mom: haha ur time to die
    Mom:I killed it siblings
    I scream I run outside

  • I read this story a long time ago (probably 1 year ago).
    It was the 2nd story I read in SFK.
    But I couldn’t comment for some problem in signing in.
    Any way nice story & a very very very cruel mother she is. Bad mother! bad mother!

  • What kind of a mother kills all her children just cuz her husband dies not like it’s their fault.

  • that’s sad so her husband died then she kills her kids that’s sick besides I would be nicer to my children since they are all I have left

  • Me: sit down comfortably?
    Me: takes out fave blankie,plumps the pillows, and snuggles down with a warm cup of cocoa milk.
    Me: aaaah.
    Me: …
    Me: I need to pee.

  • Great tale oh and yeah XxdeadgirlXx I agree but just stop swearing.That story is SOO sad.

  • OK so she basically killed her kids cause the husband was dead and she wanted money for herself so she would have food?? HOW IN THE WORLD could you live with yourself after killing your own children in such terrible ways

  • u know what? this is stupid and lame and incredibly sad. i imagine the oldest one to be like 14 and the youngest to be like 5 to answer Xx death bolt xX ‘s question. But its especially sad that she would sing a lullaby then kill her, then strangle her poor little baby. :( :( :(

  • Every people says it’s sad but it’s a little sad, and it’s funny. cuz the mother says that their Cockroach, are they the Cockroach family? Or her children are cockroach?

  • This reminds me of something. Years ago, my uncle bought a new house. While he was checking out, he went to the backyard. He was horrified. There was a large square shaped hole. On the bottom there was a empty dog tray and on the dirt walls, there were claw marks. The past owner trapped her kids in the hole and left them there. The dog tray was supposed to keep the kids food and water. The claw marks were from the kids. True story.

  • I want to go there and summon the ghosts of those poor children. I will get their revenge on their evil mother. Then I hope that their cold, lonely souls will rest in peaceful silence. *tears* I’m… slightly emotional.

  • I’ve heard a legend (I was told it was Spanish, too). According to the story, the family in question lived in a very poor village. The wife loved children and just kept popping them out in spite of her husbands pleas. She would even go to other men if her husband refused to sleep with her. Eventually, he lost his job. His wife had a lot of childen at that point and was expecting another. He didn’t know what to do, and in desperation he led the children one-by-one to a nearby river and drowned them. When his wife caught him killing the last one, she dove in after her children and was swept away by an undercurrent. The legend says she still wanders the banks searching for her kids. Her general love for children drives her to snatch up any child that she catches out after dark.

  • @silent stalker Maybe the boy thinks that the mother is still there and wants to say sorry that she killed her? (which she shouldn’t do now, Its too late..)

  • omg i have another one. a little girl was upstairs and went downstairs to her mother. she says, mom i wrote on the wall with your lipstick! she was all happy but her mother wasn’t. she beat her daughter hard until she could no longer take the beatings. she collapsed and died. the mother ran upstairs in rage to see what she has done without even noticing she has murdered her daughter. she got upstairs and saw that it wrote “i love you mommy (.^_^.)” the mother collapsed crying because she killed her daughter for no reason. she died of a heart attack a minute later. the daughter was dead but her ghost was not. she haunted anyone who came to her home sill mad that that her mom killed her. and her moms ghost is still here looking around for her daughter to apologize. (im sorry but can someone please submit my story i really think it deserves to get on this awesome site)

  • Its an ok story but its more like a fairy tale because the mother escaped and no witnesses were left to tell the tale.

  • What A SICK B***H! What in HELL Would Possess You To Do Something Like That! Watch,Thats Gunna Come Back & Bite Her In The Backside In The Spirit World :/

  • Ive never said this before but I hope that evil women died before her children knowing what dumb things she did. Rest in Peace little ones

  • See, this isn’t that believable. If she was never caught and what not, and no one knew what went on in the household, then how would they know EXACTLY what happened to each of the children? Doesn’t all add up.

  • i’d like to strangle the mom the poison her, then drive a pick through her chest then chop off her head

  • why such thing would happen to the children suppose that the mother should die because she is a idiot baddest mother ever in the whole entire world and shes the one who killed her own children and her husband is dead already she was a great mother than when her husband died she turned so bad to her kids and why francisco would chop your head off with a axe for he should do it to his mother she was the one who killed him and chopped his head off right and the mother wash the blood out of the axe with snow now the kids haunt the house if you go inside the house and die in the forest so francisco should chop his mothers head not you and it said the mother should be dead or she went to a town and changed her name!!

  • Wait, u bastard mother!! Wait till i go and chop of YOUR head!!!! D:3 Im SOOOO furious, u had no right to kill innocent children!! I feel like CRYING!!! T-T

  • it sounds odd cuz a ghost can’t really hurt you it can just scare you. But i still fell sad all the same the poor kids. Why would dhe do that? And even if she kiilled the kids why didn’t she just get a job?

  • this story is so sad..:(…Though to be honest, I think that this is a lot more sad than scary but still a good read :)

    Stay cool, Stay EPIC,

  • I actually think that ScaryForKids should have a Sad Stories section;
    For the stories like Black Doll, River Girl, and this one. Some of the stories are actually more sad than scary.

  • This is so sad!!!! It made me cry… PLEASE tell me this isn’t true. D’: XxDeathBoltxX im a girl and i dont understand why girls always want to know who they will to marry

  • oh wow i feel bad now that i DONT feel bad after reading this. everyone else is like boohoo and i’m like meh.

  • the dumb thing about this story is that this kind of stuff happens so often you dont even have to make a legend/story about it.

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