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Baby Sister

The Baby Sister is a scary riddle from Japan. It is in the form of diary entries. See if you can figure out what is going on.

Baby Sister

From the diary of a young boy:

Day 1 –
My mom is in the hospital because she is having a baby.
I wanted to cook something nice for her to eat.
My friend told me that cooking is for girls.

Day 2 –
Today I made a soup of meat and vegetables for my mom.
It was hard work but I did it with love.
I went to the hospital and gave it to my mom.
Mommy was very happy and told me I was a good boy.
I asked if the baby could eat the soup as well.
Mom said, “Yes, when she grows up.”
I want my baby sister eat my soup.

Day 3 –
My mom left the hospital with my baby sister.
Her name is Kaori and she is very pretty.
I wanted to play with Kaori but my mom wouldn’t let me.
She told me to go to my room.
I felt very sad.

Day 4 –
Today my Dad arrived home from work early.
I wanted to play with him, but he was playing with Kaori.
He told me to go to my room to play.
I felt very sad.

Day 5 –
Today, my grandparents came to visit.
I was very happy because my grandparents always play with me.
I asked my grandmother to read me a story, but she told me to go to my room.
My grandma and my grandpa and my mom and dad were cuddling Kaori.
They spent all their time with my baby sister.
My mom said, “Kaori is so beautiful, I just want to eat her up.”
And my daddy said, “You’re right. Me too.”

Day 6 –
Today I made soup of meat and vegetables for my parents.
I cut the vegetables very well, but the meat was very hard to chop up into pieces.
After dinner, my parents went around the house calling out, “Kaori! Kaori! ”
My parents were looking everywhere for my baby sister.
Have you seen Kaori? She is so beautiful that everyone just wants to eat her up.


  • The bro ate Kaori!

    Me: Hello sir, what would you like for lunch?

    Orderer: Hello, What is the Kaori special?

    Me: It is A type of meat.

    Orderer: What type of meat? H-ummman Mm-eaat?

    Me: You found out my little secret….

    Orderer: *Dies by a meat cleaver*

  • Today’s special menu : kaori with soup and vegetables. Price : 1M$.

    Random dude (to chef) : Wtf is that pricuuu ???

    Restaurant owner: kaori is meeeeet rare meat.

    random dude : How much Grams of kaori in soup ??

    Restaurant owner : 1 only.

    random dude : dafuq ???

    Restaurant owner : bruh. Where do u think we are ? in a restaurant ??

    We are in the black market cannibals.

    Dude : waitu kaori is human ???

    Owner ; yes.

    dude : give me the whole body pls i can pay in check.

    Owner : oke.

  • he made soup of her baby sister…its his family’s fault they were ignoring him, too sad…

  • It’s the family’s fault. They weren’t spending time with him, AND, they DID say they wanted to eat her. He’s just a kid, he didn’t understand.

  • This is easy he made a soup with his baby sister in it It’s not HIS fault they said they wanted to eat her all up!

  • Well, you DID say you wanted to eat her… *smiles slyly*
    Kaori is served. we hope you enjoy your dinner, and have a nice time digesting your daughter. Toodles! (whoa, I sound like some old wacko!)

  • he killed his sister and made her into soup cause they wanted to eat her up and he was a good boy

  • OMG I GET IT!!! they had said “she is so beautiful i just want to eat her up” So the boy cooked her and the parents ate her cause thats what they thought they wanted

  • Kaori must have been eaten up the previous day by their parents………………..eeeeeeeeee can’t think anymore…tell me what actually happened scaryforkids!!!

  • He chopped up his baby sister and put her into the soup. When I was younger I shoved my baby brother in a box and tried to send him to Japan. lol

  • They are all CANNIBALS they ate the baby poor thing that explains why the meat doesnt chop very good

  • Ugh, I knew this would happen. I can’t believe he cut up his own baby sister!

    But the boy did have a point (to feel sad), because when he only asked if he could play with Kaori, why did his mom tell him to just go to his room?

    And when his grandmother came, why did she tell him to go to his room when he asked if she would play with him?

    Isn’t that kind of mean? BTW, I wonder what will happen once they find out they’re little son cooked their newborn baby… >.<

  • This sounds so weird, but I wonder what baby tastes like now. ._. It mustn’t had tasted too bad if they didn’t notice they were eating a baby.

  • Ohhh. I get it now! The older brother killed Kaori, his baby sister, and he was making baby soup cause people said that she was so cute, they just want to eat her up… Did I get it right?! :D

  • D: that’s a horrible story. Although babies annoy me, i don’t want to eat them!

  • @Arya I think it’s just veggie soup but the meat is baby. Not that I would try

  • The parents shouldn’t of said she is so beautiful everyone wants to eat her up

  • I really want my little sister to eat my soup” XD!!!! :PP Thats funny. Also the ending >:} BABY SOUP

  • When I finished reading the 5th entry I was like “Oh no”,I saw that coming.That’s Japan for you though

  • Yuck! He literally took it seriously. No wonder why his parents wouldn’t let him play with Kaori.

  • Riddle answer: The parents and grandparents said that the baby is so cute they wanted to eat her up, so the boy killed her and cooked her into soup.

  • can you picture yourself eating a small baby in your soup? god, i just wanna gag right now D:

    – super grossed out –

  • like i didnt see what was going to happen when she said i can just eat her up lol

  • XD i like how everyones all intersted in it its like mmmmmmm baby soup :)

  • @xXPhantomFangWolfXx
    Just read your story in the Chocolate Eggs comments.
    Really, REALLY AWESOME!! I really like how your stories are written. Theyres always alot of suspense and always a great ending!
    Btw, my brothers do karate too!Holy cow !!
    And I think I can beat your random story (I lold when I read it.XD) My friends and I all wanted to eat pizza for supper, and since we were at my house, I had to make the call. I ordered a large pizza with pepperoni(is this how you spell “pepperoni”?) and the woman taking the order asked: “Is that all you want?” and I went on about how I would love to have a pet unicorn with a dancing cat on a space shuttle. The woman just hung up on my face. So I had to order from another place. True story.

  • I don’t blame the child.. It’s the parents’ and grandparents’ fault.Why did they stop caring for the first child….?

  • Yaaaay! I started a cat trend!
    Lol nice story furrykinz2234!
    My brother has the song on his ipod and blasted it on his speakers at 3:00 am… I went to his room and we randomly started partying. Our parents nearly killed us…

  • I get it , they said that they just wanted to eat her up because she is so cute so the boy literaly cooked her up and put her in the soup!!!!

  • heyyyy i wrote a storyyy itz meh first one but go to scary stories nd scroll alllll the way down on the comments nd itz da one abt cynthia nd yaaa just readit nd tell me watcha think XD yayy i luv yhuzz

  • XxDeath BoltxX Oh yeah! Because his freind said it was for girls he obviously got angry just like with the baby!

  • A poem by Shel Silverstein that goes well with the story:


    Someone ate the baby,
    It’s rather sad to say.
    Someone ate the baby
    So she won’t be out to play.
    We’ll never hear her whiny cry
    Or have to feel if she is dry.
    We’ll never hear her asking “Why?”
    Someone ate the baby.

    Someone ate the baby.
    It’s absolutely clear
    Someone ate the baby
    ‘Cause the baby isn’t here.
    We’ll give away her toys and clothes.
    We’ll never have to wipe her nose.
    Dad says, “That’s the way it goes.”
    Someone ate the baby.

    Someone ate the baby.
    What a frightful thing to eat!
    Someone ate the baby
    Though she wasn’t very sweet.
    It was a heartless thing to do.
    The policemen haven’t got a clue.
    I simply can’t imagine who
    Would go and (burp) eat the baby.

  • *during dinner*
    Dad; hey son you forgot to drain the blood.
    Mom: it’s okay it’s his second time cooking
    Grandpa: at least I’m not vegetarian.
    Grandma: this is one of the best soups I’ve ever had.
    Son: … Um, thanks?
    God: may I join in??

  • Holy firetruck!!! •_• Poor kaori. I know it sounds really weird saying this right now, but i am starving. @_@

  • Omigosh please! Baby soup????? Ew! I hope the people doesn’t eat that! The baby they were looking for is in the soup!!!!!!! *pukes*

  • he cooked his friend at the start as well…
    Nice appetite… Baby Stew anyone? I will give you the tongue as well

  • Poor baby. He was cooking her. I wonder if they ate it any way. If they still thought she was missing.

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