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Baby Handbag

The Baby Handbag is a creepy riddle about a man who is sitting in a train station when he sees a woman holding a baby. See if you can figure out the hidden meaning behind this story.

Baby Handbag

The Baby Handbag

I was in a station, sitting on a bench and waiting for the train to come. Presently, a lady holding a baby to her chest sat down next to me. Since I’m quite fond of children, I couldn’t help but stare at the sweet-looking baby. The lady noticed this and she smiled at me in a friendly manner.

“You have a very cute baby,” I said.

She laughed and replied, “This isn’t actually a baby, you know. It’s a bag.”

She turned the baby over, pulled up its clothes and showed me a zipper on the belly. Now that she said it, I noticed that the baby’s eyes appeared to be made of glass too.

“Wow,” I said, somewhat taken aback. “It looks very realistic.”

“Yes, I know,” she replied with a smile. “It takes a lot of work to make one of these. It’s very time-consuming too. But it doesn’t bother me, because I hate to throw anything away. I love recycling.”

Just then the train pulled up. She stood up and got on the train. I was going to catch the same train but I couldn’t bring myself to move. So I sat there rigid and stared after the train until it disappeared into the distance.


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