Baby Handbag

The Baby Handbag is a creepy riddle about a man who is sitting in a train station when he sees a woman holding a baby. See if you can figure out the hidden meaning behind this story.

Baby Handbag

The Baby Handbag

I was in a station, sitting on a bench and waiting for the train to come. Presently, a lady holding a baby to her chest sat down next to me. Since I’m quite fond of children, I couldn’t help but stare at the sweet-looking baby. The lady noticed this and she smiled at me in a friendly manner.

“You have a very cute baby,” I said.

She laughed and replied, “This isn’t actually a baby, you know. It’s a bag.”

She turned the baby over, pulled up its clothes and showed me a zipper on the belly. Now that she said it, I noticed that the baby’s eyes appeared to be made of glass too.

“Wow,” I said, somewhat taken aback. “It looks very realistic.”

“Yes, I know,” she replied with a smile. “It takes a lot of work to make one of these. It’s very time-consuming too. But it doesn’t bother me, because I hate to throw anything away. I love recycling.”

Just then the train pulled up. She stood up and got on the train. I was going to catch the same train but I couldn’t bring myself to move. So I sat there rigid and stared after the train until it disappeared into the distance.


  1. Abhi007r says

    Like she said, she loved recycling. So, her baby must’ve died and so, she decided to make a handbag out of him/her.

  2. Crystal says

    Fuck me if I’m wrong. The woman somehow hated her baby. So as she “hates to throw something away” she plucked out the baby’s eyeballs and replaced them with glass eyeballs. Then she cut open it’s belly and fitted a zipper there. She (I GUESS) cleaned everything inside the baby (like it’s organs) to use it as a handbag. Now let me post the comment and see if I’m right…

  3. Ghostlove63 says

    She killed, or wait for the baby to die (i think my firt proposition is moreau plausible…), and make a bag with it!!! Ewwwww!!!!

  4. shadowcat says

    its a REAL baby!!!!!!! PS: Has anyone seen those cat bags? They are fake but look horrifyingly REAL!!!!!!!!!

  5. Chosen1 says

    Ooh she said that she loves to recycle. Which means she recycled a dead baby. That’s sick. :/

  6. Blooderella says

    That sick woman. Who would want to turn a baby into a bag, killing it just for a damn bag

  7. BloodyKillers says

    So the woman’s baby died & instead of burying her she made it into a hand bag?? You mad woman!!!!!!!

  8. hikerpiker64 says

    is that a louis vuitton baby handbag in the picture. wow, modern fashion is getting out of proportion there. i bet he costs roughly around 30,000 dollars too.

  9. Sohainaa says

    😱BLEURGH😱 vomitous and a half. But what about the decomposition and its organs, and whatever?!

  10. naz the ghost hunter says

    she was a cannible and kidnaped children and ate them and recycled them

  11. GhostGirl1607 says

    I GET I GET IT I GET IT OK SO..she killed a baby and turned it into a purse. Took out its eyes and put in glass ones and made a slit through the stomach with a zipper to put belongings in

  12. fem_demon21 says

    OMG could it be that the bag was made from the remains of that lady’s own baby.. that she couldnt just let go so made a bag out of it.. creepy insane woman!

  13. Banana phone says

    OMG thats disgusting the woman took out her dead babies insides and made it into a handbag.

  14. sassy123xn says

    Answers: First of all, the woman is a murderer. Second of all, she turned her baby into a handbag. She is a sick woman!

  15. Bob Jones says

    she killed her own baby, turned it into a bag, and replaced its eyes with glass.

  16. kpopon says

    She said she hated to throw away anything so she recycled, using the baby as a handbag

  17. lanablue711 says

    So her baby died and instead of putting it in a coffin she “recycled”.it and made it into a bag? easy;)

  18. xXPhantomFangWolfXx says

    It’s pretty obvious. She said she hated to throw anything away and loved recycling. That handbag was real.

  19. Miss.Maryanne says

    when I read this there was an add for stylish manternity wear at the top of the page.

  20. xXUNINSTALLXx says

    She had a baby but it died so she decided to turn it into a handbag by taking out the organs and guts and bones and sowed a zipper on to the baby and put a handle on to the baby and started dressing it up and carrying it around.

  21. xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx says

    Some people really don’t deserve to have babies……
    And I hate those stupid people who throw their babies away, just because the child was made by ‘mistake’ -___-“

  22. blujayNina says

    This is the user: imgianna!! So yeah, this blujayNina account is my cousin’s and i’m lazy to log her out and yeah so… This is SO EASY!! The woman obviously like removed the organs etc. of the baby and sow the zipper etc. eeeeeeww!! Meany-Mommy :”>

  23. VghostiegirlV says

    Being the thinker that i am :D I guessed it as soon as i saw the picture.. But its still a cool story, And finally a riddle that i can figure out Lol

  24. Really? Scary? Call me Rose! says

    She made her baby into a hand bag so it would never grow up and she would stay with it forever ????

  25. B-Lovely says

    Lol I figured this out as soon as I saw the lady say, “It’s not a baby it’s a handbag.”

  26. 1997PianoGirl13 says

    @prettydeadgirl5 Hi c: I would like to be friends, too :3 But, I’m barely on this site, sometimes :c I like cookies :D

  27. iwannabescared101 says

    this is actually based of a real story where a woman and her husband killed their baby and turned it in to a bag like thing to carry opium across the border

  28. thequeenofhauntingmemories91 says

    Maybe she had a miscarriage, went insane with grief, & in her deranged state, she turned her unborn child into a handbag.

  29. Gidgey says

    It is hard to make a baby she had one she killed it or it died so she recycled it into a bag… Interesting lady…

  30. EccentricSquirrel says

    hahaha this was probably one of the fist ridles ive gotten instantly :D

  31. prettydeadgirl5 says

    hello 1997pianogirl13 i would love to get to no u hope we can be freinds :)

  32. paranormalprincess18 says

    Oh, GOSH!!! It’s like when people’s pets die, they stuff them and put them on shelves. BTW, that mother is SICK!!!

  33. killerkat101 says

    So her baby died and she made him into a bag and she walks around like that eew

  34. Dead Girl XXx says

    Oh my god ew! She made her baby into a bag? :O Why would someone even do that? even if she likes recycling??? :O

  35. XxdeliciosscreamsxX says

    welcome 2 sfk 1977pianogiirl, and i bet the lady was obsessed with bags,purses and recycling that she wanted to recycle her baby more than anything 2 make it into a bag,recycling probaly means more than her own baby, and it didnt describe wat she looks like but i bet she was drunk the other night and went crazy!

  36. 1997PianoGirl13 says

    I’ve finally decided to make an account for almost a year :D Anyways… she made her baby into a bag. Maybe the baby died? Or she… killed him o-o I’m here :D

  37. killerkat101 says

    Hello is anyone there
    I get it an easy one she turned her baby into a hand bag

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