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Baby Blue

Blue Baby Blue is an urban legend about a strange game that kids play in bathrooms. If you perform the ritual, they say an evil ghostly infant will appear in your arms. This urban legend is related to the myth of Bloody Mary.

Baby Blue

To play “Blue Baby Blue”, you have to go into the bathroom on your own, turn off the lights and lock the door. Then you stare into the mirror, hold out your arms like you are rocking a baby and repeat the words “Baby Blue, Blue Baby” 13 times without making a mistake.

If you do it right, you will suddenly feel the weight of an invisible baby in your arms. The baby will get heavier and heavier as it grows larger and larger. You will feel it scratching your arms.

Before it gets too heavy, you have to quickly take the invisible baby, flush it down the toilet and run out of the bathroom. If you don’t do it fast enough, a hideous woman will appear in the mirror. She will yell “Give me back my baby!” and scream loud enough to break glass. If you are still holding the baby, she will kill you.

Some people believe the woman is Bloody Mary and she murdered her own child when she shattered a mirror and used a piece of broken glass to stab him to death.

According to the urban legend, a group of girls found out about the blue baby story and decided to try it out. They didn’t believe it would work, so they sent their friend Laura into the bathroom on her own. She turned the lights off and closed the door behind her. Laura put out her arms and started chanting the phrase “Blue Baby, Baby Blue”.

All of a sudden, a baby appeared in her arms and began scratching her. Laura was scared out of her wits and had no idea what to do. She wanted to drop it and run, but she was afraid of what might happen. She just stood there holding the invisible baby as it grew heavier and heavier. Suddenly, she caught sight of something horrible in the bathroom mirror and screamed in terror.

When Laura’s friends heard her screaming, they tried to open the bathroom door, but it was locked. Finally, they managed to run to a friends’s house to get help. When they broke open the door, they found Laura lying dead on the bathroom floor. Her eyes had been scratched out. They couldn’t move her body because something large and invisible was pinning her to the ground.


  • I don’t understand why anyone would want to play this. It’s probably not real, but still, I am NEVER going to try.

  • My best friend’s brother played this. He taunted the woman when she appeared in the mirror by saying ‘This is my baby now.’ She didn’t only tear his eyes out, she sliced his stomach open and tore his heart out. o.o

  • I tried this, for those who haven’t don’t it was FREAKING SCARY… I am alive cause I read this and knew what to do…. I have warned you

  • i agree with the first few ppl since the first few ppl actual hve sense nt to do this. i hve sense enough cuz i mma christian and u kinda right bout nt wanting mess with the devil cuz he wood ve sumthng to do with this

  • LOLOLOLOL I can see myself just throwing the damn thing in the bathroom sink and run out of the house!!!XD

  • I’m DEFINITELY going to do this at my sleepover Wednesday!
    BTW what is the best way to do Bloody Mary that really works? BTW what is Lady in White and Six Scratches?

  • I did a ritual with my friends which involved closing your eyes and putting your hands over them, then you had to rub your arms three times, as if you were cold. Then you had to call out “Scratch, Scratch, Scratch.” If u do it correctly, three scratches appear on your back. My mate did it and it WORKED!!!

  • My toilet is separate to the rest of my bathroom. I’m just imagining myself running hurriedly around the house with a giant, invisible baby in my arms.

  • Dude. This is so freaking Scary! I would love to try it but I would be wayyy too afraid that *I would mess up!

  • Kyuki,who is the lady in white?…i would like to talk to my mother’s deceased father…my grandfather.

  • my mate tryed this i closed the door so he was on his own in the bathroom and when he came out he his eyes where red i screamed when seeing in it he was shakeing crazy and the mirror was broken he had to get his eyes done so people i say don’t play this game ever

  • Don’t ever do any of these, no matter how unbelievable, cause oddly enough, they happen. The only one that is safe to do is the lady in white, as she allows you to see and speak to your deceased loved ones, she does not harm you. Candyman is fake, but the other two aren’t. I tried mary once when I was little, me and a friend went into the school bathroom at sally mauro elementary because of the huge mirror and, as there was an age old story that the school was haunted by her spirit. We turned on all the sinks and my friend started chanting her name, we didn’t even have to turn off the lights, after 3 times the lights cut off, the door locked, heard a scream, and when the light came back on, she was scratched up, and the item that I was holding was all the sudden gone. that was nine years ago, earlier this week I tried blue baby and last night I tried mary, I can’t even sit in daylight by myself now, and weird things have been happening all day. So please dont ever try mary, blue baby, or if youve heard of it, six scratches.

  • OMG this was so creepy i am not trying this. this is simular to candyman, bloody mary, and the ghost in the mirror legend. i wouldnt dare anyone to do this because if it works, i would feel bad and take the blame for whatever happens to them. TTLY KEWEL LEGEND THOUGH!

  • omg!!! im never doing that i dont wana mess with the undead cuz it will probably backfire. idk if its true but i dont dare find out and if anyone is gonna do it its not me i love my face the way it is cuz im beutiful an i don’t want my face coverd in blood so i agree with nightmare and daisy and chuckygirl they are so right so if u do it let me know if it works cuz there is no way im ever doing tht ever!!

  • oh wow…my friends tried this before. five minutes after they got in the bathroom, they ran out screaming XD

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