Bridge Construction

Bridge Construction is a scary true story about a group of construction workers who are building a bridge at night when one of them spots something strange floating over the lake. This story is supposedly true and it happened in Japan. When I was a young man, I got a job as a construction worker. […]

Violet Violet

Violet Violet is a sad and spooky story for kids about the roof of an apartment building where a ghostly voice is heard crying every night. There is a certain apartment building in the city where the rooftop is off limits. The reason is that, in the middle of the night, when there is no […]

Sugisawa Village

Sugisawa Village is a Japanese urban legend about a village that was supposedly erased from the map after a terrible massacre occurred there. Many people in Japan have tried to track down the village, but as yet, nobody has been able to find it. According to the legend, there was once a small village called […]

Ski Resort

The Ski Resort Mystery is a Japanese urban legend about a man who goes skiing and comes across a woman who is calling for help. There was a man who enjoyed skiing. During the Winter, he took advantage of the snow and visited a ski resort. It was during the week, so there were only […]


Yoshimuji-san is a creepy Japanese urban legend about a girl who uses a social networking site and is irritated by a creepy person she meets there. It is supposedly a true story and it happened on a Japanese social networking site called Mixi. There was a Japanese girl named Miko who was a member of […]