The Apparition is a scary story about a woman who thinks she’s going crazy when she keeps seeing a ghost in the mirror. It is based on an episode of the TV series Beyond Belief which claimed it was a true story.


Mona Watson was a troubled woman. A few years before, she suffered a nervous breakdown and had to spend some time in a mental hospital. Now, she was trying to rebuild her life, but it wasn’t easy. Her parents had died recently and things weren’t going so well in her marriage. The world seemed to be closing in on her.


One night, as she was walking upstairs, she passed by a long mirror that was hanging on her landing. She glanced into the mirror and caught sight of something that horrified her. Mona let out a scream. Standing behind her, there was a pale woman with blood dripping down her face.


When she turned around, there was nothing there. Mona was worried about her mental state. She felt she was losing her grip on reality and she couldn’t get the frightening image out of her head. Her husband brought her to see a psychiatrist.


Sitting in the psychiatrist’s office, Mona spoke about her fears.

“I’m scared to death,” she said. “I don’t want to go back to the mental hospital.”

The psychiatrist told her she needed to face up to her fears and advised her to go home and get some sleep.


That night, Mona was reluctant to go to bed. She was dreading what she might see in the mirror.

She turned out the lights and was about to get undressed when she happened to glance in the mirror. Mona let out a horrified scream. The dead woman was there again.


Her husband came running out to see what was wrong, but the woman was gone.

The next night, Mona’s husband was away on business and she was alone in the house. When it was time for bed, she decided to place a blanket over the mirror to allay her fears.

In the middle of the night, she was awakened by the sound of breaking glass.


She got out of bed and went into the hallway to investigate. All of a sudden, she was attacked from behind. An arm grabbed her around the neck and a knife was pressed to her throat.

In her ear, she heard a man’s voice say, “Don’t scream or I’ll kill you.”


Mona was terrified. She didn’t know what to do.

Just then, the blanket fell from the mirror. The ghostly woman was standing there. The prowler took one look at the horrifying image and let out a gasp of terror.


Stunned, he let go of Mona and stumbled backwards, losing his balance and falling over the bannister. He landed with a thump on the ground below.


Mona locked herself in her bedroom and called the police.

The prowler was picked up a few blocks away by the police. He was dazed and incoherent, mumbling something about a woman in a mirror.

When they checked his criminal record, it was found that, less than a year before, he had escaped from the police after murdering a woman.

When they printed a picture of the murdered woman in the paper, Mona saw it and recognized it as the same woman she had been seeing in the mirror. After that day, the ghost never appeared to her again.


  1. Never_saw_em_again says

    Me: *sees the girl in mirror*
    Me: who are you?
    She: IMA girl
    Me: you have bf? Lol

  2. The Light of Lilly says

    Really good story. There is too many pictures, but i like the idea of a friendly ghost.

    – Things are not always like they seem, be afraid, but know what to be afraid of.

  3. FAN OF SFK says

    I am already scared of mirrors SFK help me
    Can anybody here help me overcome my fear of mirrors?. Help please…

  4. DeathBrynn says

    Hah! I thought the ghost was trying to kill her at first. Such a great story! 7.6/10 ghost mirrors.


    So basically the ghost was trying to save her from he future dangers. Today really is a Mirror day for me.

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