Apartment Window

The apartment window is a creepy little tale about a group of friends who have a spooky encounter while they are having a party.

Apartment Window

One cold evening in December, a girl invited a group of friends over to her apartment for a party. There were 5 boys and 6 girls. They put on some music, cleared a space in the living room and began dancing.

They were all having a really good time until they heard a loud banging noise. The friends all turned around and were astonished to see the figure of a man standing at the apartment window. It was freezing outside and the window was covered in frost, so they could only just make him out.

His shadowy hand pounded against the icy apartment window.

One of the boys shut off the music and shouted “What? What do you want?”

Through the frosted window, they could hear the man yelling “Keep it down in there! Don’t you know what time it is?”

The boys and girls all apologized, saying “Sorry, we’ll be quiet.”

They watched as the shadowy figure moved on and disappeared.

One of the boys turned up the music again, full blast, saying “Screw that guy. He’s not the boss of me!”

All of the friends began laughing. All except one. The girl who owned the apartment was silent. She was deathly pale and tears were streaming down her face.

“What’s wrong?”, they all asked her. “Why are you crying?”

“Why aren’t you laughing?”, said one of the boys.

“Why so serious?”, asked another friend.

“Are you afraid he’s gonna call the cops on us or something?” said another.

“It… it’s not that”, replied the girl. “Y-you guys realize, don’t you… T-that man was at the apartment window… but I live on the 4th floor.”


  1. reppir666 says

    Spiderman..spiderman..climbs at people windows to scare them..is he high? maybe yes, scaring teens in his free time, lookout! here come the spiderman..

  2. HorrorFanGirl says

    I’m confused I don’t get it.. does it mean he’s a ghost? Or floating? Because that not possible on THE FOUR FLOOR right?o-O

  3. ILoveFood says

    HOW DO HER FRIENDS NOT NOTICE THAT THEY’RE ON THE FOURTH STORY!!!!!!???? Anyways great story :D 10/10

  4. TertleTer says

    @XxNightmaregirlxX, @nightisascaryday, how could there be a man at the window if the kids are on the 4th floor? (Unless, you know, magic stuffs..)

  5. queen of chills says

    a ghost. and i told my class this storythey were all scard i made sound creepy with the tone of my voice

  6. Princess Of The Demons says

    Heh, a man at the window that’s on the 4th floor. Now how can you explain that?

  7. Lizzie12345 says

    Cool Story actually My mum told me a story like that but It was real one. One night when she was doin something In her flat (I cant remember what it was) she swore she saw some one walk across the window outside (she was like on the fourth floor or something). Creepy

  8. WeavileRoxxCANDY says

    A ghost?LOL
    Idk if I’d start crying like that, though…
    Atleast he went away and didn’t attempt murder.=)

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