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Annora Petrova

The Annora Petrova Wikipedia Page is a scary creepypasta story about an girl who is a competitive ice skater. One day, she looks up her own name on Google and finds a random Wikipedia page about herself. This sets in motion a series of events that will eventually destroy her life.

Annora Petrova

Annora Petrova

Annora Petrova Wikipedia


  • I really enjoyed this story, and I clicked on the link. Click on it, it’s kinda cool and just maybe you can get something out of it……

    And @prettydeadgirl5 I’m not that much of a religious person, and I find it hard to believe that if you are working to keep her alive, that you have time to use Scary For Kids. But still if it’s true I prayed for you, and I will.

  • I searched it on Wikipedia and there is no record of it it’s just a freaking hoax

  • And pretty dead girl I do pray for you, if in fact it’s true… i just find it a little hard to believe your on Scary For Kids during this tough time.
    And I dont know about where you live, but in Australia life support is free.
    Also, being in a coma isn’t the same as life support, coma is a state of unconciousness, life support is being dead, but having the machine breathe for her, you can breathe whilst in your coma.
    I cant beieve you, but if it is indeed true, I do pray for you with all my heart

  • It isn’t true, but it’s a really good story. I have never been scared of a story on this site, I just read them for fun, but this one scared me… it didnt until i clicked on the link. It scared me because the picture is taken on the day she died, as if she was staring at a webcam and someone took a photo minutes before she died, it was watching her the whole time…

  • It isn’t true, I did the research & Annora was born in ’91 & her coach that was apparently training her “Sergei” , he died in 95′ so there is not possible way unless all of this went down when she was four.

    I feel like either Bree or her coach wrote the page…and PrettyDeadGirl5 I hope you’re alright.


  • Is it real? You know, I figured out someone has the same name first & last as me, looks really similar, and was around in colonial times. I also found out there’s this creepy doll brand with the same first name as me and my last name misspelled (the way ALL people misspell it). I also found a website with my full name as the title and it’s exactly the way I would have designed it if it were made by me! My website is forthesakeofawesomeness.wordpress.com, though. I’M BEING STALKED BY THE INTERNET!!!!!!! THIS IS FREAKIN’ ME OUT! AHHHHHHH!!!!!

    . .

  • I will always include u in prayers prettydeadgirl 😊 I will always pray that you have always have a better future 😃 and I hope your mom will be well, strong and healthy 😀

  • Wow… I saw the page of annora petrova it was a grotesque old lady in black as of she was sitting on the chair. I WAS HORRIFIED OF WHAT I SAW!

  • @prettydeadgirl I’m so sorry 4 u. But, if u and your siblings have to work and stuff, why do u have time and money to use the Internet and pay for it?

  • Prettydeadgirl5
    I am praying for you and your family
    Im not that much of a god sorta person but for your
    Situation I would do anything
    I find that sad
    I hope ur mum gets Betta

  • I got worried so I checked myself to see if i had
    a wikipedia page and thank god I dont

  • I tried looking for Annora Petrova in Wikapedia, but it did not exist. Either this was fake, deleted, or something wierd happened.

  • prettydead i hope all is well now i will pray have faith and evrything will be fine god bless

  • Knife

    Today I was walking and then a creepy man walked up with a knife and said
    knife shiny…kinfe and that really scared me ….So I started to run but he
    followed me and then he cought up with me and said Kinfe….shiny…….Kinfe so i ran for dear life. I did not know what he would do. But he started to run to I ran and ran and ran but I could not run no more
    so I stopped not my car was jut five cars down he went like Knife…..shiney
    ……..knife . and then finally i was at mt car but i could not find my car keys
    then i got them and unlocked my door and got in but right as my leg was out
    he said This Knife will end your life and stabbed me in the leg I shut
    the door and drove off he chased me for a wile but could not keep up
    so he stopped so I live to tell the story to this day it gave me a real fright
    so if you see a man with a knife run away!!! the end

  • It is like the person wanted the girl to look at the wikipedia for a reason so then she could tell her a message to her.

  • I Looked This Up Its Real O.O Creepy… And When I Looked It Up It Was A Staring Creepy Woman. I Was So Scared I Only Read One Word. Its True WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If it was Bree that put up the wiki page that would be AWESOME!!!!! but poor girl, though.

  • I just clicked on the wiki page here. It says the exact same thing but there is a different picture. It shows this middle aged woman in a dank hotel

  • Creepyy… I might go for that, but I wouldn’t be greedy. I really want to be in a band, but it doesn’t have to be anything too huge…

  • I’m not gonna click on that page… Maybe some other time and @prettydeadgirl I’ll pray for you =)

  • @ xXUNINSTALLXx it really doesn’t say much but the description is really creepy and pic just adds to it. its like she looken at you. “together we could accomplish great things.i could help you so much. i could take you places that you have dreamed of. but first, your going to have to do something for me” or “we could go great places together you and i” it sends chills! its like a ghost or spirit wrote it…………… really creepy!!!!!!!!

  • “The Mirror”

    Oneday, a girl named Sophia was looking at the mirror that has been passed down genartion to genartion! She looked closer and, closer she saw a scary lady and dropped the mirror! Then the next day her mom went missing, she asked everyone if they knew were her mom was but, no one knew! So her, her dad, her little brother, and her dog searched for her but, they coudn’t find her! Then she looked in the mirror again the lady got closer and she dropped the mirror! The next day her dad went missing! she asked her brother were there dad was but, he didn’t know! So they searched for him and, didn’t find him! Then she looked in the mirror a third time the lady was even closer so she dropped the mirror! The next day her brother was gone, so her and her dog went looking for him and, they couldnt find him! She looked in the mirror and the lady was even closer than before! The next day her dog was missing she couldn’t find her dog and, went home! Then she looked in the mirror and, the next day she woke up and found “the lady in the mirror” in her house, she had a knife…………..AND MURDERED HER!

    (I would like to give my friend Kylie credit because, she told me the story and, I canged it a little bit)

  • I clicked the wikipedia thing and I got a really creepy picture of an old lady, not a cute little dancing girl. It looked like the lady was half dead so I was going to read it but the picture just creeped me out so I exited out in case there was a scary pop-up.

    I think I see why this is a scary story because of the wikipedia picture and maybe the description. Can anyone who isn’t afraid of that picture please tell me the description?

  • awsome story SFK!!!!!!! oh and @prettydeadgirl i pray so much 4 ur siblings and ur mother, please let u guys be ok and if u stop commenting on here ima get really worried….. so GOOD LUCK!

  • I didn’t quiet understand this story. And I couldn’t find it in Wikipedia either.

  • what do u guys type in to find her wikipedia? I have typed her name in but i can’t find it :/

  • I want to find out what I have to do to get what I desire. I really wouldn’t tell the person/thing what I want to be…I just want to finish reading it. It’s interesting :P

  • @preetydeadgirl5 i will pray for u and i will ask my sis to do so also.god bless you and your mother and siblings.

  • btw if any of u believe in God out there can u pray for me. My father died and my mother is in the hospital in a coma. we and my siblings have to work to keep her machine that’s keeping her alive on. Please pray for us

  • I just read the wiki page and is this just a story cuz right now it’s kind scary how it ended with “you and I can go to great places together, All you have to do is something for me” it’s like a spirt wrote it.

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