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All Dogs Go To Heaven

All Dogs Go To Heaven is an animated movie from Don Bluth. The main character in the move, an orphan called Anne Marie, was played by a little girl named Judith Barsi whose life came to a disturbing and tragic end.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

There was a little girl named Judith Barsi who lived in Los Angeles, California. Her parents, Joszef and Maria were immigrants from Hungary.

When Judith was five years old, her mother brought her to a skating rink. It just so happened that a film crew were shooting a commercial there that day and when they saw Judith, they hired her to appear in an advertisement for orange juice.

Judith’s mother had always wanted to be an actress herself, so when her daughter began appearing in commercials, she was overjoyed. She dreamed that Judith would become a rich and successful Hollywood actress.

Because Judith was small for her age, she was able to play the role of younger children. Her small stature ended up helping her career and she was soon starring in over 70 commercials. She also worked on a number of TV shows and movies.

The first movie in which Judith appeared was Fatal Vision, which told the true story of a man who murdered his wife and daughter. Her most famous roles were as Chief brody’s daughter in Jaws IV The Revenge, a cute little dinosaur named Ducky in The Land Before Time and a young girl named Anne-Marie in the animated classic All Dogs Go To Heaven.

By this time, Judith was earning a lot of money. Her father and mother didn’t have jobs and the little girl was the only one in her family who was earning a living. Her parents lived off her money and used it to buy a nice house in the Valley.

However, what nobody knew was that, behind the scenes, Judith’s life was a living hell. Her father,Joszef, was a nasty piece of work. He was an alcoholic and a violent bully, abusing his wife and daughter both mentally and physically. For years, they lived in fear of him.

He got drunk constantly and frequently beat his wife and pulled his daughter by the hair. Sometimes, he even threatened to kill them and burn the house down. He was so mean that he took great delight in breaking Judith’s toys right in front of her, to make her cry.

As Judith became more famous, her father grew extremely jealous and paranoid. He was convinced that his family would leave him. Just before Judith went to the Bahamas to film Jaws IV, Jozsef grabbed his daughter and held a knife to her neck.

“If you decide not to come back, I will cut your throat,” he growled.

After filming on the movie finished, he called her and shouted down the phone, “Remember what I told you before you left!”

One day, when she was at an audition, Judith broke down crying and the truth came out about the terrible abuse that was going on at home. She was taken to see a child psychologist.

“I’m afraid to go home,” said Judith. “My daddy is miserable. My daddy is drunk every day and I know he wants to kill my mother.”

The psychologist told Judith’s mother that she was going to contact the police and child services. However, her mother was afraid that if she left her husband, she would also lose the house and all her possessions inside, so she told child services that everything was just fine.

One night, while Judith was sleeping peacefully in her bed, her father crept into the room with a gun in his hand. He pressed the gun behind Judith’s ear and shot her in the head. When his wife heard the noise, she jumped out of bed and went to see what was wrong. Joszef met her in the hallway and murdered her as well.

The crazed man lived in the house with their dead bodies for two days. Then, he poured gasoline all over the house and set it on fire, before going out to the garage and shooting himself in the head.

The animated movie, All Dogs Go To Heaven, came out the following year. It proved to be a hit with kids all over the world and was one of the most popular video rentals. Poor Judith never got to see it. By the time the movie was released, she was already in heaven.

So the moral of this story is…?

Judith Barsi


  • OMG what a father that is jealous of his own daughter why would he be jealous anyway he should be glad of Judith I am soo sorry that she is dead her dad should go to hell

  • This is a true story. I have googled it.. I feel sorry for the little princess… She is very cute. I am glad she is enjoying in heaven not hell

  • I know you have copied the story”Red Roses” from another website… hey guyzzzz don’t copy stories…and make scaryforkids a joke!!!!! @Pinkie Pie

  • poor little angel, its sick that any father could do that to their own child. RIP you beautiful girl..

    ps. she wasn’t cheif brody’s daughter in jaws, she was michaels daughter.

  • why are you all keep saying she was a ghost when she was in the film? when she meant she starred in the film all dogs go to heaven they meant she talked int it. it is an animated movie a human can’t be in it.

  • Every time I read this, it’s just as sad as the first time. I wish I had never read this. It’s so SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D’:<

  • I saw that on facebook. It was a picture of Ducky from the land before time and a picture of her grave and it said “That moment when you realize the little girl who played Ducky was shot and killed by her father”

  • furrykinz2234
    No, she played the role and after she finished shooting her dad killed her but the movie wasn’t out in cinemas yet. This’s a real story, dude. Please don’t make ghost stuff about it because it’s just too sad.

  • THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS: Her ghost came back and played as Annie-marie in the movie All Dogs Go to Heaven. In the top it says she played as the young girl, and then it says she never got to see the movie, because she had been shot the year before the movie came out. Still…its a sad story..

  • This is Jacked UP! the real reason for the deaths is the mother! she was being greedy and chose possessions over her daughter even though she well knew that her father was deranged!

  • Am I the only one who thinks its strange that she was in a movie about a man who killed his wife and daughter and that happened to her? And poor Judith was the reason her family had a place to live… So sad :'(

  • Btw guys on her grave tomb it says “Yipp! Yipp!” for the cartoon she played in…so sad. ;(

  • So the Moral Is… Jealousy is worst feeling which harms not only you but also other innocent peoples.

  • Hey SFK I posted a few stories In Tell me your story and still no luck :3 I posted Footsteps, Kokkuri-San and Very strange, very foreign.

  • That story is SO sad! Judith’s mom cared more about her POSSESSIONS than her DAUGHTER? I’m crying…

  • The Rose Dolls

    Dead horses, this was the second time I’ve dreamt of them. The ceiling above was pale and white. I realized this as I stared at it for several minutes, laying in bed silently. Dead horses in your dreams means that something in your life that initially offered you strength is now gone, or is about to be gone. But what could it be?

    After slipping on some jeans, socks, an undershirt and a college sweatshirt, I headed down the carpeted stairs. “Good morning, Violet,” my mother called from the kitchen. “I have a surprise for you.”

    I headed into the kitchen. The first thing I noticed was a large, wooden box
    sitting on the table. It’s edges were designed with golden roses, and a golden keyhole was in the center of the side, where you open it.

    “What is this?” I asked, running my finger along the box’s surface, only to find dust covering my fingertip. “It’s a welcoming gift that the lady at the antique store gave to us. She gave it away for free.” She smiled warmly as she chopped tomatoes on the cutting board.

    I looked around the table. Where’s the key to open it? “The key…” I mumbled to my mom. She pulled
    out a crimson red and golden key from the pocket of her apron and handed it to me. “Take it up to your room.” Her voice was serious as she said this. “Now.” I nodded and picked up the large box in my arms, slowly making my way up the stairs. It felt like 10 years had past by the time I reached my bedroom.

    What is in this thing that makes it so heavy? “Let’s see what’s inside,” I murmured to myself. I gently slid the key into the keyhole before turning it, hearing a loud CLICK. The lid slowly opened with a creaking sound. I was surprised by
    what was inside the box, though.

    Dolls! The inside of the box was white and cushioned, but laying in it were 4 dolls. They weren’t normal dolls, either. They were large, fancy, porcelain dolls and they looked very realistic.

    Each of them had on an elegant dress. The first one had a red dress. The second had green, the third had beige, and the fourth had black. But, on each of their necklaces, there was a small, red rose.

    I picked up the first one, stroking its blonde hair that was in a long braid. The hair felt so real! It’s silver eyes stared back at me, making a shiver go down my spine. I set it back in the box and lifted the second one.

    It’s long, brown hair flowed all the way down to its feet. It’s eyes were a deep green. The third had white, curly hair, with matching icy blue eyes. But it was the last one that intimidated me! It’s cherry red hair was weaved into two braids that laid down it’s shoulders. And it’s eyes were a deep brown, almost black.

    Four beautiful and life-like dolls, each with little white gloves on their hands and black, shiny shoes. What could I possibly do with these
    dolls? Play with them? I’m 16, for crying out loud! So I closed the box and slid it under my bed before setting the key on top of my dresser. Then I looked at the clock, it was time to go.

    * * *

    I knocked on the door of my boyfriend’s house. It was only a couple of blocks down the road. We have been dating for two years, but we have never been intimate. He opened the door, his blue eyes staring at me happily, and his dark hair in a wonderfully curly mess.

    “Hi, Vi!” He took me into his arms, guiding me into the house before closing the door with his foot.
    “Hi, Daniel,” I smiled sheepishly as he set me down on the carpeted floor. Then he kissed me gently, brushing his fingers against my cheek. That’s when I knew what he wanted. I pulled away, my cheeks turning red.

    Immediately his phone rang. I grabbed it from off the the end table next to the couch and answered it. “Hello?” I said politely.
    “Don’t come back here!” Mom screamed into the phone, fear ringing in her voice. “Run away as far as you can!” I was about to respond before Daniel interrupted me.

    “Stop,” I hissed under my breath before trying to speak normally. “Mom, what’s going on?”

    “They’re real, Vi! And–” Then there was static.
    “W-Wait!” I shouted into the phone.

    Daniel, I have to go.”
    “No,” He said weakly before smashing his lips against mine. But,as much as I wanted to stay, I had to go home.

    “My mom is in trouble!”
    “What do you mean, Vi?” His voice was gentle now.
    “She’s being attacked. I don’t know who or what it is, but I have to save her.” Before he could respond, I opened the door and darted
    outside. I ran as fast as I possibly could and it felt like only 10 seconds before I reached my house.

    It was silent there. All the lights in the houses on our street were turned off, but the moon still shone brightly. I opened our front door and stepped inside slowly. The house looked the same, though. It was still clean and everything, but I wasn’t fooled.

    Tap. I heard tapping from the kitchen. It was dark in there. Tap again. I slowly walked toward the kitchen, reaching my hand to the light switch. Tap. Thud. Fear overcoming me, I flipped the light switch on.

    There was blood, blood everywhere! The white surface of the counters was covered in blood, and so was the cabinets. There was something on the table, too. It was a torn up body. My mom. “NO!” I screamed, dropping to my knees as realization hit
    me like a wave. She’s dead. Dead!

    Thud. Thud. Thud. I turned my head slowly to face the stairs, seeing movement coming from the darkness. Thud. Thud. THUD!!! A head dropped from the last stair step and rolled, landing right in front of me. It was my next door neighbor.

    I stood up and stepped backwards, my arms shaking from the sight. “Wh-what’s going on?!” I shouted. “Where are you? Show yourself!”

    There was no response, just silence. It was clawing at my ears. I began to walk up the stairs, my footsteps silent on the soft carpet. As I reached the top of the stairs, I heard a door slam shut.

    My shaking legs forced me to turn into the hallway, but I stopped immediately. Bodies! Dead bodies were nailed to the side of the walls, all the way down the hallway. Blood seeped onto the floor from their chests.

    I screamed, tears streaking my cheeks as I walked down the hallway, careful not to touch them. But as I opened my bedroom door and shoved it open, a pain emerged in my head. Like something hit me. I fell onto the ground as my bedroom door continued to slowly open, my eyes closing. But I forced them open for one last second as blood dripped down my forehead. The only thing I saw, in my bedroom, were the four dolls, standing in a perfect row and smiling at me.

  • AMG I SEE IT! in the part where it tells you what it is about… “Played by a girl named Judith” and later in the story… “Poor Judith never got to see the movie, she was already in heaven.” O,O

  • aaww how sad and wow the mother shouldnt have lied about everything being “just fine”, i mean who does that? GOSH HOW DUMB

  • Yeah I saw it on twitter that she died by being murdered by her father. I wish I can kill the father every single day. (die and come back to life, I mean) just for the joy of it.

  • she was just a little girl…
    how could a father killed his own daughter…

    she could have a bright future in hollywood…

  • I’ve read this story before, and every time it’s just as disturbing and sad as the first time I read it. Poor little Judith.

  • The moral of the story is 1. don’t marry an abusive a##hole. Abusers show signs or abuse long before marriage. 2. If you ignore number one, get out. This woman sacrificed her daughter’s life and her own because she was worried about the house and possessions. F### the house and possessions.

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