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Album Cover

Sarah was walking home as fast as she could. She had a biology test tomorrow and she didn’t want to fail. As she walked faster and faster her long blonde hair flipped in the wind. She was coming up to her street when she saw a beautiful old record player. She went over to it and started to check it out. It was a shiny red colour with light brown timber edges. There was a record with it. On the cover of the record was a picture of a pretty little girl. Next to the girl was ‘DO NOT PLAY!’ scratched into the black background. The record player was light enough for her to carry so she decided to take it home with her.

Her parents were out for the next couple of days, so as soon as Sarah got home she went straight to her room and started to figure out how to work the record player.
About an hour after getting home Sarah found out how to turn the record player on. As soon as she turned it on beautiful old style music started playing. Sarah completely forgot about her biology test and started dancing along.

In the middle of dancing the record player stopped. There was a high pitched screaming sound and then a pause. The pause went on for five seconds then there was another screaming sound and the music started again. Being a bit scared, Sarah turned the record player off and went to do her work.

At 10:00 that night the record player turned on. Sarah awoke from her lovely dream and listened. The music was so beautiful. It made her head sway to the rhythm. The music stopped. There was a screaming sound then a pause. Sarah’s head stopped swaying. She was as stiff as a rock. ‘Peek-a-boo. I see you. I am in your town.’ Instead of the lovely music there was a little girl singing. Her voice was so delicate but here words were terrifying. There was another scream, and the record player turned off.

The next night the same thing happened. There was the scream, the pause but the singing was different. The little girl sang, ‘Peek-a-boo. I see you. I am in your street.’ There was another scream then nothing. Sarah was terrified of what just happened. She hid under the covers and refused to make any noise.

The very next night the record player turned on. A scream, a pause and a little girl singing delicate but terrifying words. ‘Peek-a-boo. I see you. I am in your house.’ She nearly had a heart attack. Sarah froze on the spot and didn’t move at all.

Just when Sarah started to fall asleep, she heard footsteps coming up to her room. A minute later the footsteps reached her door. There was a long pause then a creaking sound. She moved her head slowly out from the covers and saw the door opening. Her face was bathed in light. There was a small black figure in the hall way. Sarah didn’t know what was happening. Her head was spinning so fast. There were a couple of footsteps and then the face of a little girl appeared. She started to sing. ‘Peek-a-boo. I see you.’ As she sung she raised her hands above her head. The glint of a knife shone in the darkness. ‘Peek-a-boo. You see me. Goodbye Sarah.’

When her parents got home they went to check in on Sarah. When they walked in they were horrified. There was Sarah laying on the bed, dead, holding the cover of the record. Sarah’s throat had been slit and there was blood all over her dressing gown. The record player was playing ‘Peek-a-boo.’ Over and over and over again. When the terrified parents looked at the cover of the record, The picture of the little girl moved.

The little girl screamed, “SHE SHOULDN’T HAVE PLAYED IT!”

They dropped the cover of the record in shock.

Sarah’s parents backed out of the room slowly, not being able to look away from their daughter’s body. As they moved further away they could hear a little girl singing. “Peek-a-boo. I see you.” Slowly faded as the last of Sarah’s spirit vanished into the record cover.

A week later a young couple were walking down the street when they came across a beautiful red record player sitting on the curve. The young woman insisted they take it. The couple took the record player to their small apartment. Little did they know, as they were walking the little girl on the record was giggling as Sarah was screaming for them to stop.

(It might be a bit long but it is my first attempt at writing my own original story. Sorry! I am sorry if this story gives you nightmares or anything.)


  • so what happens to sarah when the record is played? And also does that mean the young man or woman will get trapped in the cover like sarah if they play it or scream whenever someones about to play the record (if they get trapped)? am lost, nice story tho…. @.@

  • For@ those who feel why did Sarah took the clip home in spite of DO NOT PLAY written on it…
    Reverse psychology….. When it is said not to watch it… We always wanna watch. 😏😐



  • hold on……, I have found a necklace of some sort, it has a goat with long horns as the medallion. ever since i picked it up from an old wooden hut, I,ve been having nightmares about a goat-man looking thing chasing me through my house and choking me, then i wake up and have bruises on my head

  • @lynne Go die in a hole.
    @bikkiecake EPIC story. I love how it drones on after Sarah dies!

  • Well, guess whose having nightmares tonight. This Girl. Why do all of the stories involve people dying? Can’t a sexy, blonde chick just be horribly disfigured for the rest of her life?

  • I want to tell you a story called “The library of souls”. If there are some mistakes, correct me, because my language is not English.

    You see her? No? Look carefully,she is there, sitting on a bench. Her name is Ammie. She told me this creepy story a week ago. Before it happened to her, she was active and happy, she had shining eyes and she wanted to live, not just to be. Now she is weak, she can sit on that bench for hours with no thoughts, no dreams, no purposes. She has no emotions on her grey face and people say that she is crazy. I don’t think so and I try to make her smile again.

    That rainy morning her parents found her a very good teacher of Spanish. Mr. *** had had a large library with thousands of different books. Ammie was a brilliant student, and Mr. *** gave her books to read at home. One day he gave Ammie six books that he wrote himself. Those books were about teenagers, who learnt Spanish with Mr. ***. Ammie liked all six books and Mr. *** promised Ammie to write a book about her.

    One evening she sat at Mr. ***’s library and read a book about Melissa Zinx, one of Mr. ***’s students. Suddenly, she saw a girl in front of her, who was staring at her. It was Melissa Zinx, Ammie knew it by colourful illustrations in the book. But that book was too old, and a girl staring at Ammie was so young. She said: “Run away, he is going to write a new book…” And behind Ammie six more voices said: “Run away, he is going to write a new book!!!” And then they disappeared. Ammie told Mr. *** that saw characters of his books in the library. Suddenly, his kind face became ugly and cruel. His eyes started searching something around him. ” Yes,-he said- I WILL WRITE A NEW BOOK!!! DO YOU KNOW WHO WILL BE THE MAIN CHARACTER? LITTLE AMMIE, AND…” But he didn’t say anything more, because Melissa Zinx and six more ghosts smashed him with knives.

    Next morning Ammie’s parents found in Mr. ***’s house his dead body, dead bodies of seven old people and a little alive girl with crazy beating heart, blear eyes and grey face. And now I realy want Ammie to start living, not just to be.

  • Really creepy story,I love it.After I heard the “Peek-a-boo,I’m on your street” that record player would’ve been out the window SO FAST.Actually,scratch that,I never would’ve taken the damn thing home in the first place if it said DO NOT PLAY.And I like how it goes on after her death as well

  • once i read this story. it made me very paranoid. really scary story.
    ooooooooo. a pretty record player that comes with a record that says ‘do not play.’ let’s play it.
    4 days later. omg our daughter’s dead O.o. the apparent thought process of the girl & the parents. great job btw.

  • why dont people at least try to dodge the attack?
    i know some ppl get freeze when scared, but at least try to move…..
    Dont ppl know not to take stuff into their house and play it
    when its says DO NOT PLAY ?


    btw answering the first comment, I like how it drones on after sarah dies, it doesn’t have a boring abrupt ending where she dies like all the other stories instead there are other victims.


  • awesome story i love the picture and if this gives me nightmares I’ll be glad awesome story

  • I guess people like the picture! xD

    I hope scaryforkids sees the new story I wrote.

    Good Luck with everyones stories!

    Have “SWEET” dreams!


  • this story is awesome and its the first time i’ve heard this story as well o.o I admire bikkiecake for this, its great :)

  • actually scratch that. it’s a little too…crazy. but i can write more. I’m good at stories

  • Are scary for kids finally doing collaborations? Great! So how do you get picked? I have the perfect story, even though i would have to re-edit it. it is sorta long though…

    I put it on my blog. Not giving you the adress like. it’s for a certain crowd only. sorry :(

  • you guys are so mean . scary for kids sometimes do boring stories ,but your just saying that bikkiecake’s stories are bad. @bikkiecake,I reckon your story was great!!!!

  • I am sorry. I thought up of this story one night. I didnt know that it was already made. Maybe the idea of the story isnt original…… but I havent read this type of story before. Sorry.

  • Dude im not hatin but STOP! Remaking this damn story!!!! I heard this story in six different forms!!!!!! Omg it is not original!!!! You just remade it in a different form but its still the same!!!! People stop remaking stories i want new ORIGINAL stories!!!! This story is not ORIGINAL!!!!!!!!

  • Me again! Just posted a new story up! YAY! It is on the homepage so go check it out! BTW, If you want me to write a certain type of story just email me and I will see what I can do!

  • bratzgirl2233

    To get your story on here you need to post your story as a comment on the home page. After a while your story should be a replaced by a link if the owner of the website thinks its really good!

    Once again thanks for all the feedback! Just want to let you know that I will be working on a new story!

    Thanks again!

  • sweet man. love the pic.
    it would be totally awesome to be listening to music and then out of nowhere here a blood, curdling scream.
    that’s freakin’ awesome. yeah nice story.

  • Thanks guys for the feedback. I am so happy right now. With the photo, I didnt choose it.

    Thanks again!


  • I honestly love the way you took the story and then added an epilogue to it instead of stop at the part where sarah died it still goes on..and i love that.

  • to be honest the thing i didnt like was the overall story its way way overused but for what this is its a good rendition with alot of deteil so good job bikkiecake keep it up

  • I gotta give you props bikkiecake! This story is very original, well written, and has a lot of detail. I love how you tied the sounds on the record to the ending and how it all ties into the story. If I were the parents, looking at that cover, and the picture started to talk, I would have screamed bloody murder! Haha! I really love this story and you should really write more. You are a very good author of horror.

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